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Using the Co-Z-Go - How it Works

The Co-Z-Go is simple to use.  

To use it while sitting:

Place the Co-Z-Go on your chair with the straps draped over the back of your chair.

Depending on the size of your chair, loop the shoulder strap around the back of your chair to keep it in place. 

You can also loop the security straps (with the clips) around the back/arms of the chair.

When you're done:  

Fold up your chair and wrap the Co-Z-Go around it so that the straps/hook and loop are on the outside.  

Wrap the security straps around the Co-Z-Go and chair and clip the ends together.  Then firmly but gently tighten the adjustable security straps to secure your chair.

You're now ready to go.  Put that integrated shoulder strap to good use and be on your way.  The next time you need your chair, the Co-Z-Go is right there ready to be used.   

Detachable Straps

The shoulder/security straps are attached to your Co-Z-Go with a hook and loop fastener.  We did this for a couple of reasons; the straps come off so that the Co-Z-Go can be washed and for safety - we don't want anyone tripping over anything.

When the Co-Z-Go is securely fastened around the chair all the weight of the chair is on the straps, not the hook and loop.  

Why It Works


Camp Chairs Aren't Soft

That might seem kind of obvious, but it's true.  They are great for keeping us off the ground, but how quickly does it get uncomfortable?  The Co-Z-Co is made of 2 layers of soft, comfortable fleece and an inch of soft, supportive polyester foam.  Your seat is 0.0625 inches thick.  At 1.25 inches, the Co-Z-Go is 20 times thicker than the material of your chair.  Don't you deserve that?

co-z-go warm camp chair soft comfortable convenient sports tournaments camping travel games events

You are Outside and Your Body Gets Cold

Our bodies constantly give off heat.  If you're outside and the air is cooler than your body, you might be giving off more heat.  Add some wind and you feel colder.  The colder you feel, the less comfortable you are.

Without a Co-Z-Go your chair is not keeping you comfortable!  No matter the season, as soon as the temperature dips even a little, your back, rear end and legs are going to get cold.  Instead of putting on 6 extra pairs of pants - we recommend a Co-Z-Go!


Is the Co-Z-Go for You?

Your comfort is your personal choice - but we recommend using a Co-Z-Go any time the temperature dips below 80 (which is 18 degrees lower than your body temperature).  

Check out this map of the average temperatures in the Fall across the country.  If you participate in outdoor activities - you're sitting out there in those temperatures.