Questions? Great, We've Got Answers!


What is the Co-Z-Go made of?

Comfort and warmth!  Two layers of 100% anti-pill fleece to keep you cozy and 1 inch of premium polyester foam for comfort and additional warmth.

How does it keep me warm?

Similar to a fleece top or jacket, the material in the Co-Z-Go traps the heat leaving your body in small pockets and prevents the cooler air from getting to your body.

Is the Co-Z-Go water resistant?

The Co-Z-Go is not weather proof – in the rain it will get wet but because of the materials we use, it will not retain water.

How heavy is the Co-Z-Go?

It’s very light, only 1 pound, making it very easy to use and carry with you everywhere you need to sit.

What are the dimensions, will the Co-Z-Go fit on my chair?

Your Co-Z-Go is 18 inches wide and 39 inches long, easily fitting onto any camp chair.  It’s just over an inch thick, so it will not take up a lot of room in storage.

Can I wash my Co-Z-Go?

Yes you can, we recommend spot/hand-washing with a gentle soap and water or machine wash in cold water with a gentle soap (remove the straps first!).  Never use bleach or iron your Co-Z-Go.  Lay flat to dry.

Where should I store my Co-Z-Go?

In a dry place with your chairs, this way they’ll always be together.

Does my Co-Z-Go prevent Frost Butt?

Yes it does!  Frost Butt is exactly what you think it is and using a Co-Z-Go keeps you comfortable and warm.  Stop Frost Butt!

Will buying a Co-Z-Go in my team color help us win?

Yes it will.  We can’t prove that, but can you take the chance?  More team spirit always helps!

Can I take my Co-Z-Go into a stadium with me?

Maybe – many stadiums allow fans to bring in personal items like blankets and seat cushions – you should always check your favorite stadium’s policy on this first.  Many professional football stadiums will allow a Co-Z-Go but some college football stadiums will not allow any personal items like bags, cushions or blankets.

How does the Co-Z-Go connect to my chair for storage?

The Co-Z-Go has 2 detachable polypropylene straps to wrap around itself and your chair.  The attached adjustable buckle will enable you to secure any size chair.

What about the bag my chair came in?

The Co-Z-Go has an integrated carry strap to carry itself and your chair – no need for that bag any 

Will my Co-Z-Go be the exact color of what I order on my screen?

Due to variations in the dye lots of the fabrics we use, there may be slight variations in the overall color of your Co-Z-Go from the color you see when ordering.

Where do you ship to?

Co-Z-Go’s can be shipped to anywhere in the contiguous 48 United States (we do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii) and Washington DC.  We do not ship internationally at this time.

Free shipping on my entire order if I order 2 or more?  So, I order 2 or 6  or 8 and it’s free?

Yes it is – anywhere that we ship, you’re entire order ships for free when you order 2 or more Co-Z-Go’s using the coupon code ‘Free Ship’.  So go ahead, indulge, order 10.

What are your shipping, return/refund and privacy policies?

Please view these policies in our separate ‘Policies’ page.